July 24, 2018 becoming.

In the process of planning a non-traditional celebration – we find ourselves subconsciously seeking out tradition more and more. Perhaps its simple psychology – when something is lacking, you generally seek more of it?!

The format is already non-traditional – you know, with the private ceremony, the multiple celebrations, etc.

So I suppose we seek to ground our non-tradition in traditions.  For example, we just had a conversation about whether or not we are going to see each other on the day of the ceremony.  In all the buzz of non-tradition – it hadn’t even occurred to us.  There’s something sweetly provocative about putting a little time in between seeing each other even if only for 12 hours.  It makes the big reveal bigger.  Logistically however, and in all of our non-tradition, it could prove a bit difficult.

Another example would be the wedding party.  Specifically, the flower girl and ring bearer.  One cannot have the most adorable niece and nephew and NOT include them in some way (pictured above).  Who doesn’t want that anxious anticipation of whether the children will have a meltdown in the middle of the aisle?  Fortunate for us, it’ll only be the immediate family to witness should that happen.  While the casual-ness of the actual ceremony may not call for the fan-fare… it is our wedding, so why not?

The Delta and Kappa Sweetheart songs are another must.  Typically this happens after the ceremony, during the reception.  So in lieu of a traditional reception, and with multiple celebrations (before and after the ceremony) where everyone won’t be in the same place at the same time – how do we incorporate this much anticipated tradition into our schema? We have some thoughts that may skirt tradition a bit but if you know anything about us, you know that’s sorta our things.

The list continues from what to wear to first dances to vows and brooms.  It’s all a fun puzzle and an interesting evolution as we find ourselves about 3 months away from one of the most important days of our lives.

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