once upon a time

…Well, actually it was late 2010…there were these little blue people called smurfs. And… oh wait, I think someone already told that story. There was a unicorn (that’s Dez) and a magic ninja (that’s KP).

SIDENOTE: Dez still contests that ninjas, by virtue of being ninjas can’t/don’t need to be magic, but lets stay on topic here ok?

We were introduced by a near and dear mutual friend in a grand moment of genius. Upon making the introduction a classic (at least in our minds) text conversation ensued.

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And just to be clear, this isn’t "somewhat" like those stories you hear of people meeting with an instant electric eclectic connection…THIS IS PRETTY MUCH EXACTLY LIKE THAT. But alas, this is also the real world and as they say…timing is everything. And the timing just wasn't right. So after a while we chose to go our separate ways.

*insert big sigh*

Do you remember those books (maybe like Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew) where you got to a certain part in the story and you could pick which way and story line you wanted to go? And then when you read that story line you were always like…I wonder what happened in the other story line? Well that pretty much sums up our time apart. We both knew that our story wasn’t over, I mean…you can’t have the sun without the moon. We kept in touch of course, birthday texts and impromptu lunches when Dez dropped into town, but always at a distance far enough to respect our wishes... yet close enough to reflect on them as well.

So now it’s 2014 and looks who calls…TIME. Well, technically it was KP and it was actually a text because she’d missed Doc’s annual birthday text. So we talked…and talked…and decided to see if we could find that bookmark where our story split and go back and read that alternate ending. And we pretty much haven’t stopped talking since that day. We’ve lived and laughed and traveled and spirited (not in excess of course) and LOVED and the chapters wrote themselves.

And as we write this next chapter, we welcome your support in creating the letters, words and paragraphs that will no doubt contribute to our happily ever after.

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