becoming MRS. BEATTY | no. 1

becoming MRS. BEATTY | no. 1

June 8, 2018 /3 comment(s) becoming.

So… Dez recommended that I write down my feelings about the day to day of planning a wedding.

I ask, “so you want me to journal?”  He just laughs. Perhaps he thinks I could use another outlet – I suppose I can be a lot sometimes.

*insert eye roll *

I continue to challenge this idea by asking, “what in the world should I talk about and who cares about my “day-to-day” thoughts???”

He replies, “just write whatever comes to mind babe, people care,” and he politely turns the music back up.

Well, okay then.

The first thing that came to mind today was the sense of relief I feel at this very moment, now that all of the invitation-esque mailers are sealed and ready to be dropped off at the Post Office.

This marks the culmination of some important decisions…. decisions, by the way, that didn’t come easily. Not unlike every other wedding planning couple I’m sure… the when, where, what and who of the much-anticipated festivities took up ample space in our minds over the last 6 weeks. We were meticulous, and thoughtful, and gave each decision the dedicated time to which it was worthy.

A labor of love, those decisions will soon become known to our family & friends.  And while there will certainly be more decisions to come… today… I revel in the relief I feel that some of the biggest ones have been made.

On to the next round of decisions.

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