a rock in the middle of…almost everywhere.

a rock in the middle of…almost everywhere.

June 16, 2018 becoming.

We’d finally done it. He asked and She said ‘yassss’ after rings flashed and tears splashed.

Actually, if you’ve seen the Black Panther movie, she froze up like T’Challa but she eventually got back to the ring with a strong “of course!!!”.

Also – suuuuuuuper shameless plug but you can also check the details of that out in our forthcoming Becoming Beatty Documentary.  Have you seen the trailer??

Step #1. Check!

Step #2. We have some planning to do!! “Babe…where too!?” (I feel like Dr. Seuss would be proud with that last grouping). Let’s go find this rock in or near this clear shimmering water and profess these vows…while constantly pulling up Google translate on the phone trying to understand what we just ordered. Then come back and have a party with friends and family to celebrate. That’s been the plan!

“That’s been the plan! That’s the plan! Babe, that’s the plan right? Right? That’s the……………plan?”

Us: We’re engaged!

Family: (12 seconds into engagement) Great! When’s the wedding?

Us: Huh??? Like, the wedding date?

Family: Sure, the date we are going to see yall get married.

Us: But we’ve already communicated the plan on that…

Family: *Blank stares*

So…yea…that part changed, but the party part is a go! A non-traditional wedding also calls for a non traditional ‘reception’ as well. And we just so happened to have some amazing friends and family willing to give up their time and space to host a celebration for us, like…almost everywhere. Hence, the Bourbon & Bordeaux Toasting Tour was born! What better way to be festive…than to have multiple festivities!? It also allows us to have more intimate celebrations with our closest friends.  And with the quick(er) turnaround – we are hoping that the multiple dates and cities will be more convenient for you!

So listen…pick a date…pick a city…and come be our ‘Rock’.

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