a rock in the middle of nowhere.

a rock in the middle of nowhere.

April 30, 2018 /1 Comment becoming.


If you asked us this time last year, the ideal venue for our wedding would have been a rock, in the middle of nowhere.  Separately but similarly – we preferred an intimate, frill-free, far far away experience with nature as our backdrop and a musical performance by some large and peaceful body of water that we couldn’t pronounce.  So when asked by family and friends if we’d thought about how we wanted to get married – we consistently shared that exact desire… for over a year.

Fast forward to 12 minutes post engagement, KP’s mom says, “so where are we going for the wedding?”

Dez and KP look at each other in shock and almost simultaneously say, “seriously?”

On queue, KP’s sister & Dez’s brother chime in and the next thing you know – everyone has “feelings” about our, clearly nonsensical, elopement fantasy.

Over the proceeding weeks, the couple went back and forth on all the options, and thoughtfully pondered how much we cared what other people felt.  We explored a traditional full on wedding, something more intimate and even went back to just eloping — and keeping it a secret this time. When it all came down to it – we did care how our family felt about not being present at our very special day.  Moreover, 5-10 years from now, when we looked back on how that day was spent, we couldn’t imagine our families not being a part.

So the decision was made to fuse the “ideal” with the “pragmatic” and a private ceremony with immediate family, was born.

A beautiful cabin on a lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains will be the destination for a weekend of family fun and celebration.

Of course this exercise led us down another path — how do we celebrate with our extended family and closest friends without having a traditional reception? But we will have to tackle that another day in another blog post.

For now, let us cheers to the grand occasion of our wedding ceremony on October 20, not so far away, but with nature as our backdrop, and a musical performance by a man-made body of water that we can pronounce – but very, very peaceful.

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  1. Gerald and Sabrina Budden

    We are so excited for you guys and look forward to sharing this special day with you

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